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Celebrating 30 years of Erasmus at Surrey | University of Surrey

Read reports from students who studied and/or worked abroad under Erasmus as part of their degrees.

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Read reports from students who studied and/or worked abroad under Erasmus as part of their degrees.


It gave me a different perspective on my own cultural traits and view of Britain in being able to view one’s own country from the perspective of an outsider. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your own country’s mindset if you experience nothing else and it can lead to quite a myopic view of the world but I think having lived abroad and seen it from the outside I can have a greater appreciation and empathetic view of other peoples perspectives and positions.

Gareth Illmann-Walker, Erasmus in Finland 1999

Young People

Leaving home, and your country, is really important to gain independence, meet people from other areas of the UK… but also from other parts of the world. Without going to university, there aren’t many other ways to get this experience. Being able to visit other countries helps gain a sense of self and encourages growth in several areas.

Young Person in CILL Report

For me, I don’t go to university, so the opportunities that existed outside of that made me feel included and welcomed to a really vibrant network. Such included, short term (1-2 weeks) youth exchanges which are mainly fun cultural exchange projects with a loose general purpose but predominantly for cultural exchange. Training courses for professional skill development and informal learning, entrepreneur exchanges was something I was really excited to try.

Young Person in CILL Report



I took a group of young homeless people to take part in the Social Inclusion Games in the Netherlands and every single one of them said it had opened their eyes to different opportunities, have the experience to see another country and they all said it had been life changing. Travel should not just be for those who have the resource to do so, it should be for everyone to help improve our country and relationships with other countries.

Group Organiser in CILL Report